When the chef’s away, tipsy yogi goes astray (and finds a buffet or a gourmet souffle)

Just be glad I didn’t try to fit in beret, touché or dismay because we’d be going down a significantly different path.

fish n chip

Yesterday morning, before work, I did yet another drop off at the world’s busiest airport. Yes, its silent meditation retreat time again for Doc B. This is the two to three times per year Doc B leaves the peaceful serenity of our home and work life (ha!) to soak in an altered state of bliss that for $21.99 I can just as easily reproduce right here with our two cats, a cozy couch, a bottle of organic vodka, a jar of spicily-brined olives and Serius XM Spectrum playing in the background.

No seriously, I totally support this type of trip for Doc B (vs. the mushroom kind). Doc B will return home all centered and serene. Meanwhile, I’ll be all stressed and stretched having had to think for myself for 10 days. Too many decisions for a first day of Libra girl can be challenging. Will I sleep through the 5:00 AM alarm or get up and go to yoga? Will I go buy a bunch of Kraft macaroni and cheese boxes and Ramen noodle bags or actually try to plan and prepare some healthy meals? Will I open wine every night like some lonely Mad Men housewife whose husband is staying late at work for the third night in a row or make chamomile tea and read? Will I stay up late watching a marathon of Moonshiners to see how Tickle is measuring frog eyes or write in my blog and go to bed early? Okay, I’ll admit it.  I got sucked into Moonshiners on Christmas eve and now I know things I never wanted to know about making booze and measuring the proof.

Anyway, damned if I’m not going to try to do the latter in all of those scenarios. Well, let’s be honest. Here’s how it will work:

  1. I’ll go to yoga but I might show up later than usual,
  2. I’ll treat myself to a couple of crappy feasts but then I’ll also use Atlanta’s Good Measure Meals as a support system. And maybe I’ll take advantage of Hand n’ Hand’s $5.00 Fish and (singular) chip meal. I don’t know how much fish there will be but one chip shouldn’t break my caloric intake count for the day,
  3. I’ll allow myself some adult beverages when I join friends on their perfectly timed invites (thanks to those of you taking care of me while Doc B’s away!), but I’ll stick to coffee, kombucha and club soda the rest of the time, and
  4. I may stay up to give Downton Abbey a chance (the antithesis of Breaking Bad, no?) but I’ll make sure it’s not too late to get up for yoga.

Feel free to check in on me.  You won’t be interrupting much!


5 thoughts on “When the chef’s away, tipsy yogi goes astray (and finds a buffet or a gourmet souffle)

  1. “Merry Christmas” to you (a bit late), and “Happy New Year” to you and Doc B … my favorite blogger! I love your new site, and always look forward to what’s up in your world. My wish for everyone this next year is – no assault weapons (semi, or other), less guns in general, a government that actually ACCOMPLISHES something, and PEACE to all. Keep on writing! xoxo -JS-

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