My first half lotus and other postures I plan to try (as demonstrated by my cats)

half lotus

The above photo represents my first known yoga posture. It also demonstrates the beginning of my life-long attachment to being seen and acknowledged (or as Doc B would say: “Upādāna” or clinging). See how I’m gazing anxiously at my mother? I’m pretty sure I was waiting for her to say “Wow! Half lotus! And on a white Bikram towel too!”

Here are more yoga postures I’m looking forward to trying…as demonstrated by our cats, ButterBean and Hendrix

Photo Jan 01, 1 39 00 PM

Hendrix in the classic “Sphinx” posture while trying to maintain a sense of equanimity and sukha in the midst of some dukhha (the smell of ButterBean’s feet)

Photo Jan 01, 12 58 29 PM

Hendrix in “Legs up the Couch Hula Savasana” with pillow prop

Photo Jan 05, 8 55 29 PM

ButterBean showing off his “Left Paw to Right Foot Side Forward Fold Sphinx” with pillow prop

2012-08-25 12.06.43

“Stickley Backbend Twist”

2012-08-13 19.18.17

ButterBean doing the “Are You Still There Parted Spoonasana Sasangasana(Rabbit)”

2012-08-12 15.08.26

 ButterBean’s “I’m Too Sexy For Yoga” pose

Photo Jan 01, 12 59 59 PM

Hendrix and the “Covered Third Eye Side Supta Baddha Konasana”

And last but not least…

2012-08-17 18.34.41

Hendrix performing his signature “Simhasana, I’m a Lion, hear me Roar” pose


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