Downton Abbey and Doc B return today!

Downton Abbey resumes tonight with the start of season three.  I’ve spent so much time on Breaking Bad, I’ve only had time to watch the first episode of Downton.  Oh, and if it’s so popular, how long will it take to update in spell check?   My spell check has no love for Downton – it keeps wanting to make it into a Petula Clark song.  Anyway, I’m totally caught up now on both Breaking Bad and Mad Men so I’m good there.  Oh, and I’ve also watched every episode of Alton Brown’s Good Eats for whatever that’s worth.

More important than Downton Abbey is the fact that it’s Doc B’s first night back.  The eight-day silent meditation retreat is over.  We did the minimal conversation pick up at the airport this morning and she will slowly ease back into life throughout the upcoming week.

Friends often joke that Doc B should go on mandatory talking retreats since that would actually be a challenge for her.  But this is what she wants.  Silence, peace, quiet and meditation.

I can’t imagine myself on a silent retreat. Generally I enjoy noise.  The TV or music on in the background while eating dinner; cats meowing for food; fun office banter; and even the basketball bouncing in the neighbor’s yard at 8:00 on a Saturday morning.  I smile in the general direction of it all.  While I’d be in my own private Nirvana  if there were total silence during my MARTA rides, I don’t know if I could take it at work, during yoga or at home.  No one speaking to you or making eye contact with you is just plain awkward in 99% of my life.  I’m attached to the reassurance, annoyance and presence of others in my life.

So while others are spending the evening watching Downton Abbey, I’ll be basking in the few poignant words that Doc B is sharing with me as she eases out of the silent retreat mode.  My favorite exchange so far:

Doc B: “so how did it go while I was away?”

Me: “pretty good except that I gained back those 4 pounds I’d lost before you left.”

Doc B: “maybe your body just wants to be in a difference place?”

I’m glad Doc B is back.


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