My Co-Workers have Distorted Body Images… Of Me

It’s hard to believe, but at work a couple of weeks ago I was described as “that tall, thin, white girl”.  And the person to whom I was being described knew right away that it was me.  These people obviously have a distorted image of my body and thankfully have never seen me naked.  Shoot, I guess they’ve never seen me in my yoga clothes either because they’d see not just a muffin top, but also a couple of dinner rolls and some hamburger buns. 

I can identify with the “tall” adjective since, while I’m only 5’8”, I’m taller than most of my female co-workers.  And I can also relate to the “white” description since that’s what I am, though I’ve been mistaken for Hispanic and American Indian (and Jewish and Brazilian and Lebanese and straight).

But any description of me that includes the word thin makes no sense at all.

To add even more support to this distorted body image theory, another co-worker bought me a Christmas gift in a size medium.  I don’t think I’ve worn anything but large and larger since I was about 16, well, unless you count gloves, socks or a men’s medium.

The only thing I can figure is that Doc B is doing an excellent job of picking out my clothes so that my fat is hidden.  Either that or I’m the tallest and the thinnest of the few white girls at work.  Oh wait, there’s one more possibility – they were all just trying to be nice.

p.s. if you really want to have fun with distorted body images, try one of the iPhone apps that will let you see what you look like with a few pounds added:

Photo Jan 07, 8 11 29 PM


2 thoughts on “My Co-Workers have Distorted Body Images… Of Me

  1. you gorgeous thin girl!
    and I should know….
    from your friend from the mat.
    xo deborah
    p.s. as a former bulimic, I get it

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