Sitting the Red Carpet

Doc B has been back from her silent meditation retreat for a week now.  And our television has not been stimulated, I mean turned on, since then.  But tonight, all of that changes.  I have a date for the Golden Globes.

Normally I wouldn’t be able to fathom the thought of the television being in the OFF position for an entire week.  But that’s usually the case when Doc B returns from a retreat.  In the days following her return, I tend to pussy-foot around and only turn on the TV when Doc B isn’t home.  I don’t even think about putting that noise into Doc B’s head until she’s been home for at least a month.  But that causes me suffering, or to put it (Emily) bluntly, separation from the pleasant.  My definition of suffering is: no Grey’s Anatomy, no Modern Family, no DVR recordings of Anthony Bourdain, no Ellen and of course no Breaking Bad or Mad Men (thankfully I’m caught up on both and both are on hiatus).  But this time, with all of the hype about Downton Abbey, I wasn’t sure how I would survive.  But then I stumbled upon my new best friend, the iPhone streaming Netflix application.  With this app, I can watch episodes of Downton Abbey right on my phone!

Normally, when Doc B has NOT been on retreat, we head up to the love pit (the TV area with a really comfortable sofa) and watch an hour or so of mindless television.  Well let’s be honest, I watch and Doc B. reads some bible-thick book about meditation.  But, since Doc B’s recent return, we haven’t been doing that.  Rather, we head off to bed to read and be quiet until we fall asleep. 

Confession time.  As soon as I hear snoring, in go the ear buds and on goes Downton Abbey!

But since it’s now been a week since Doc B has returned, I asked for special dispensation.  I asked that Doc B watch the Golden Globes with me.  The answer was YES!

So it’s a date.  And right now, while I watch the stars walk the red carpet, Doc B is meditating.  The deal is that we meet in the love pit promptly at 8:00 PM.  Thank god for Tina Fey and Amy Poehler or Doc B might not have agreed.


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