To See or Not to See (in yoga class); That is the Question


Well, really the question is: “should I wear my glasses in sweaty Mysore Ashtanga yoga class or not?”  This initial question begs at least three more: 

  1. “Do they make glasses for your third eye?”
  2. “If they do, is it a given that one’s third eye will have the same prescription as the other two?”  (because if so, my third eye can’t see without a corrective lens)
  3. “Should I mention my third eye questions to my ophthalmologist?”

I have an eye doctor appointment on MLK day.  In my mind’s eye, I’m thinking I won’t mention the above questions to the doctor or to his lovely wife who runs the office.  After all, I would like to leave there without a referral to mental health services.  I have a vision for MLK day that does not include lockdown in a state mental facility, and that vision requires my sight.  It’s my 5th annual 2nd Avenue trash pick up day.  With a recycling bin in hand, I walk the length of our city’s section of the street and pick up all of the microbrew beer bottles, Russian Osetra caviar tins and Veuve Clicquot champagne bottles that have been strewn about since the holidays.

Back to my eyes.  During the summer months, when it was triple dog extra hot and sweaty in yoga, I got in the habit of taking off my glasses once I finished the standing postures.  As soon as I was down on the ground for the seated postures, off came the glasses and off they stayed even through back bends.  No glasses also made it much easier in “pressure on the ears posture” or Karnapidasana, pictured above.  Without my glasses, I fit the Social Security definition of legal blindness, and the whole yoga room is a blurry mess.  So on the one hand, it does force me to be more focused on my own practice since I’m paying less attention to what other students are doing (because I can’t see them).  But on the other hand, people probably think I’m staring at them since my eyes are just aimed in a general direction (though really all I can see is what color yoga clothes they’re wearing).

Maybe I’ll try this out tomorrow and remove my spectacles for the entire practice.  And maybe I won’t be able to see the spectacle of my own belly hanging over my Lululemons during sun salutations.


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