Bundle Up Atlanta! Where are your Mittens?


I have a morning routine.  Before I even get out of bed, I check the weather channel app.  This helps me determine how many layers I’ll need to put on over my yoga clothes and then which of my uniforms to select for work.  During this chilly time of the year my office costumes include slacks, tennis shoes (that I change out of when I get to work…sometimes), and one of the following: a V-neck sweater, a t-shirt under a V-neck sweater, or a turtleneck.

This morning, after years of people claiming it would never happen, I was certain that hell had finally frozen over while I slept.  Because when I pulled up the weather app, I was shocked to see the current temperature was 3 degrees below zero.  I’m sure you can empathize with my sense of relief as I quickly realized I didn’t have the app set on Atlanta, GA…I had it set on my parent’s town in Michigan.  Lucky for me, it was “only” 30 degrees here in the ATL with a wind chill of 24.  For just a split second, I thought I’d be giving my work uniform a shakeup by putting a sweater on over a turtleneck.  And while we in Atlanta watched the temps climb to a sunshiny high of 45, my parents braved Great-lake-effect snow showers and a high of nine.

I’ve lived in the south for over 20 years but I still pretend like I can handle the cold.  And I at least want to look like I can handle the chillier temps.  Last week I even ordered myself a Stormy Kromer hat to which Doc B responded, “I’m glad you’re getting one of those because you’ll definitely need it each winter…once.”

I also bash, in a loving kindness sort of way, those who can’t handle the cold.  For example, this morning I couldn’t help but wonder about all of the others who, like me, missed the train because it was actually on time.  We all then had to wait on the platform for 15 minutes until the next train came along.  And that actually turned out to be closer to 20 minutes because the next train was, of course, late.  Many of my fellow pissed-off MARTA riders were without hats or gloves, and there were even a couple with skirts and bare legs.  But ALL of them were standing still, shivering and whining to themselves, each other, or someone on the other end of a phone that was frozen to their Starbucks-flavored, un-mittened, popsicle fingers.

Meanwhile, I stayed warm in my hat, scarf, and gloves as I clocked 20 minutes of platform walking.  Sure, I was getting some evil eyes from the people I passed more than once but who cares – movement definitely helps in the staying warm category.  And just remember, as Ran Fiennes once said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing”.


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