(Rainy Days and) Thursdays Generally Get Me Down

I’ve been having a love-hate relationship with Thursdays ever since I was asked to move into a different job a few months ago. It was a lateral move that landed me with less pay (because I can no longer do overtime), more complex work, additional responsibilities, and more accountability. But worse than all of that (in addition to my old co-workers thinking I’m doing nothing but staring out the window at the Capitol dome) is the fact that I now have meetings to attend on a regular basis. And even that wouldn’t be so bad if these meetings didn’t require that I put a bit more thought into my wardrobe (rather than my usual work uniform) and a lot more effort into my hair (rather than pulling it back into a sweaty ponytail).

The primary mandatory meeting is on Thursday mornings and it requires that I get my tennis-shoed self in to work by 8:30. This is so that I have enough time to get settled, put some heels on my dogs and gulp down some strong coffee before the 9:00 start time. This also provides all of my co-workers with enough time to razz me about my outfit and my hair and to make smart-ass comments like “oh, look who’s gracing us with her presence so early today” or “so you decided to get out of bed and come in to work, huh?” To deal with all of this and not feel all frazzled, or have my hair all frizzled, means I’ve got to skip yoga, fashizzle.

At first, missing yoga every Thursday stressed me out. Besides moon days, Saturdays and vacations out of town, I’d been in class most every morning, rain or shine. And now, work was messing up my routine. I was just certain that I would digress in the practice, that I’d become a Mysore Ashtanga Yoga slacker, and that the next day I’d be more sore than ever.

The only sore was in my head – I was acting like a sore loser. So over the last few weeks I’ve made peace with the fact that I won’t be at the yoga studio on Thursdays. I’m still progressing in the primary series and don’t feel too much like a slacker. Now I’m actually looking at ways to make the most of it. Maybe wine on Wednesday nights would be a good start.


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