George Bush Sandwich

2013-01-26 15.45.22

Remember my last post, about my new job, and earning less money because of not working overtime?  Fine, so you didn’t read that post.  But the gist is that if I were in my old job, I would have been working yesterday from 6:00 am to 2:30 pm.  Damn am I glad to have my Saturday’s back.  The dip in the pay hurts almost as much as my hamstrings in kurmasana (pictured below) but the gain in sanity is worth almost as much as when my yoga teacher once said “Great!  It took me six months to get to that point!”   I was in urdhva mukha paschimottanasan for about the tenth time ever.  No photo needed; trust me on this one.  Anytime your teacher says that, it doesn’t matter what posture you’re in, you’re going to pretend like you didn’t hear what he said and make him repeat it again.

So what did I do on my regained Saturday?  I spent time preparing for an upcoming writer’s retreat.  Yeah, yeah, I know, you have to be a writer to go on one of those things, but just pretend with me.  I gotta start somewhere, right?

While I was working on my own stuff, Doc B was actually working on billable hours.  Sad, but unfortunately true that pretty much when I stopped working on Saturdays, Doc B started.  On this particular Saturday, we both knew we’d need a break in the afternoon to keep us balanced.  So we planned an afternoon outing (no, not the Jodie Foster kind, but you can call it that if you want) to the bookstore.  The plan: get a latte, browse, people watch, and wrap it all up with a coupon or two.

To prepare for my retreat, I thought I’d spend my time browsing some of the genres where my future paperback might end up.  I’m sure my family will be appropriately worried that I was checking out the autobiography section.  No doubt they’d rather I was in the science fiction or mystery sections.  But the autobiography area is where I busted out laughing and just had to take the above photo.  Seeing George Bush bookended by Augusten Burroughs  just about had me calling for the AED response team.  And I swear, I did not set this up…but if I’d have thought of it, I would have.

And with any luck, I’ll ultimatey be bookending Dr. Oz.



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