If Every Day Were Like Today…I’d Be Skin and Bones

I just finished logging today’s calories into My Fitness Pal and this is what it said:

“If every day were like today…
You’d weigh (insert weight here) in 5 weeks*
*Your projected weight loss is an estimate based on your total net calories for today. Actual results may vary.”

I refuse to share my inserted weight because then you’d figure out how much I weigh right now, and then you might tell someone. So I’ll just say that if every day were actually like today, and the results didn’t vary, I’d be about two 5 pound bags of sugar lighter in the next 35 days.

The food portion of my day, as will be the case this entire week, is 1200 calories in the form of delicious food from Good Measure Meals. They are quite the gourmet feast but let’s face it, that’s not a lot of food intake for this big gal. Even my skinny neighbor said 1200 calories weren’t enough and that she could only manage it for one day because she was starving and cranky and not at all pleasant to be around. Watch out friends and co-workers, this could be me.

Doc B says I don’t need to lose any weight. Doc B also says that the pajamas I’m wearing right now don’t make my butt look big. Heck, Doc B says a lot of nice things and no, Doc B is not for sale. But the truth is that I feel better when I’m about ten pounds lighter. So I’m going to try this reduced calorie thing for a week, see how I do, and adjust accordingly.

Meanwhile, this first day was rougher than the tree bark on this MARTA Macy’s advertisement. In fact, I’m certain it was rougher than what this woman went through trying to walk out into the woods in those heels to strike this awkward pose.

Photo Jan 16, 8 59 18 AM

Food was tempting me everywhere today.  When I walked home from the train, the aroma of steak was in the air (who grills out on a Tuesday night anyway?).  The canned cat food smelled appealing.  Even the crumbs on the stove burners were calling my name.

In my desk drawer at work, I still have a little bag of dark chocolate covered espresso beans that Doc B Santa put in my Christmas stocking.  It’s supposed to be 3.5 servings of 25 pieces each but I only eat a couple at a time – Mrs. T. can’t believe that they’re not gone by now especially since I’ve shared some with her.  So of course today, all I can think about is eating them.

So for a bit, be-lieve me I will not be-indulgent.  But I am a bit be-wildered as to why these holiday ads are still out?  Who am I to talk, I still have Christmas candy in my desk drawer.  Hope I have enough fuel in me to get through Mysore tomorrow morning.

Be Indulgent?  Really?

Be Indulgent? Really?


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