A Week of Fumes, Kombucha and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce…oh, and Yoga and Writing

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey

More Wild Turkey

More Wild Turkey

What a great way to wrap up the last full day of my retreat.  These toms and hens were my backyard greeters this morning.  I guess you could say this is the closest I’ve been to alcohol in seven days. 

(NOTE: Mom, Wild Turkey is a kind of bourbon whiskey – get it? Ha!)

Well wait.  I have had some of my homemade ginger Kombucha everyday for the past week, and it’s possible that it contained trace amounts of alcohol.  The fact that I store my secret recipe in Mason jars probably adds to the proof level.  Maybe I need to ask Doc B to set up some chemistry experiments to measure the booze content.  I’m sure there’s got to be a hydrometer or a refractometer taking up space in the lab (yes, I did have to look up those terms).

Technically, I won’t have made it the full seven days until 9:00 pm because that’s approximately when Lady Di and I polished off the bottle of wine we were sharing at Sprig restaurant last Monday night.

Staying away from booze and it’s empty (but happy and enjoyable) calories this week was certainly a test.  But more so was the challenge of the meal calories themselves.  I had my doubts, but I’ve survived a full week of only eating Good Measure Meals for a grand total of 1200 calories per day.  There is but one lonely, yet tasty looking, 420 calorie meal left in the fridge right now.  My last supper will be chicken provençal (by the way, if James Lipton ever asks me “what’s your favorite word?” my answer will be cedilla), risotto and peas.

Okay, wait.  Even more of a challenge was not putting salt on anything for the entire week.  I will confess that I did put some Frank’s Red Hot Sauce on two meals but otherwise I did no other shaking over my food.

Hold up.  One last admission.  It was also a challenge to keep up my yoga practice while living on fumes, kombucha and Frank’s Red Hot Sauce.  Being out of town for more than half of the week didn’t help.  But I did it, and on plush carpeting at that.

Stay tuned for my next post that might be titled something like “Top Ten Benefits of Practicing Yoga on Higher (carpet pile) Ground”.


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