My Boss has me Pegged – Fly Fishing 101

waders 1

I’ve often worked in jobs where monetary rewards and awards were not part of the budget.  So thank my higher power of the day (today: Chai Latte Goddess) for the creative bosses I’ve had who presented amusing certificates to their employees.  Thus far in my work life, I’m most proud of The Positive Attitude Award and The Switzerland Award.

During employee appreciation week last year, my current boss gave me the Yogini Award with the subtitle “Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape”.  I know, it’s an old saying, but the fact that he used it just made my day.  It means that he’d actually been listening to me, seeing me, and taking note of the decorations, photos and books in my office.

This same boss surprised me yesterday.  I was doing a typical Friday I’m-in-my-jeans-and-tennis-shoes grunt job of emptying out the shredder.  I hadn’t quite finished cleaning up when my boss walked by and saw a few of the thin strips of shredded paper on my desk.  He stopped, looked around a bit, and said “I thought for a minute there you were tying flies”.

Now I know he’s a hunter and a fisherman but I’ve never told him that I’ve ever been fly fishing.  He knows I do yoga and that I try to eat healthy.  He knows I’m into birds and gardening.  But we have never had a conversation about the fact that I’ve been fly fishing or that I could tie a fly in a pinch.  How did he know that I would have any clue as to what he was talking about?

So it makes me wonder: what kind of vibe am I giving off to him that I’m apparently NOT giving off to other co-workers?  Because here are a few of the more typical comments:

  • “Did you do the cooking for Thanksgiving or did your husband?”
  • “I didn’t know that was you; I would have put you in a BMW convertible” (after seeing me in my 2004 Ford Ranger with hand crank windows and an am/fm radio)
  • “Happy Hanukkah!”

Anyway, it’s always refreshing to have a boss that takes an interest and doesn’t seem to judge or assume.  Cheers to being seen!

The early days of fishing

The early days of fishing


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