Snow Jam 2013

Aren't they cute?!

Aren’t they cute?!

Goldfish in the sun

Goldfish in the sun

Doc B was scheduled for a meditation retreat up near Asheville, NC this weekend.  At the last minute, it got cancelled because anticipated snow (up there, not here) could have made it difficult for the enlightened ones to get back to their homes.  I had to quickly cancel all of my parties, brunches and dinners (okay, one can dream right?).

So what did we end up doing this weekend?  We pretended we were snowed in with electricity.  We made and drank way too much coffee, read lots of books and magazine articles, did loads of laundry, watched sappy movies, cooked so much that I think I did dishes at least 14 times, decanted kombucha and made a new batch, swiffed up cat hair, slept in (until 6:30), and gave our electronics recycling to my co-worker to deliver to the City of Decatur (because yes, we were snowed in and wouldn’t be able to make the trek).  As part of the cooking, we were able to trudge through the fake snow drifts to share with our neighbors.  Hope they don’t mind that it required us to pull out the frozen “November 2012 Sweet Pot”…because we were making sweet potato and ginger muffins.

The other thing we did (too much) was comment on how cute the cats were.  I can’t count how many times Doc B or I said “oh, come quick, you’ve got to see these two spooning” or “oh my god, they are so cute lying in the sun like that” or “so sweet!  Look at how Hendrix has his paw over Butter Bean’s head!”

Then this morning it was all about yoga.  Should we go or not?  If we were really snowed in, the studio would be closed.  Were we going to take the charade that far?  Would one of us go? Both of us? Neither of us?

You guessed right, we went.  And as we left the house, we both commented on how hungry we were.  On the way to the studio, we passed four perfect brunch locations in this order: Wahoo, Sun in My Belly, The Mercantile and Radial.  By the time we passed the sign in front of The Mercantile that said “Bacon, Egg and Cheese Biscuits Now!” I suggested we skip yoga and get some breakfast.  We both just looked at each other as if for a split second we were actually going to do it…and then kept driving toward the studio with Garrison Keillor providing the background noise as he and his team made snow and ice sound effects.

Wait a minute…this sounds like every weekend.


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