Rays of Sunshine

What, what?!

What, what?!  It’s a Sunshine Award Nomination!

Thanks to fellow blogger Allison for this award nomination!  How fun to have other “wannabe writers” appreciate one’s work.  By the way, Allison writes some great stuff on her blog AND also writes for the Jane Goodall Institute of Canada – check it out.

Anyway, as I understand it, the rules for the Sunshine Award are as follows:

  • Include the award’s logo in a post or on your blog.
  • Link to the person who nominated you.
  • Answer 10 questions about yourself.
  • Nominate other bloggers.
  • Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they have been nominated.

I’ve covered bullets one and two, so here goes on number three:

  1. Favorite color – Green Olive Green – not just because green olives look so lovely in a martini (by the way, I like mine with vodka and as dirty as the Chattahoochee river) but because I’ve loved olives since I can remember.  I used to get them in my Christmas stocking.  Oh, and Doc B wears army green all the time and I love it – very similar to green olive green.
  2. Favorite animal – I just love me some furry felines.  I’d have a whole house full of them if it weren’t for all that cat glitter all over the house.
  3. Favorite number – 11.  It was one of my numbers in high school basketball.  And I believe it’s also the age at which I last weighed under 135.  I smile whenever I happen to glance at a digital clock and discover its 11:11.
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink – This changes frequently but lately it’s been kombucha.  I almost spit it out the first time I tried some thinking I was drinking swill wrung out of a used sweat sock.  But now I brew a new batch every week and have perfected a tasty Gingerade knock off.
  5. Favorite alcoholic drink – I pretend to be a hard core Jagermeister chick but I’m really a microbrew beer gal at heart.  Doc B and I are even considering making our own unpasteurized version at home – supposed to be good for perimenopausal symptoms – dang, I had a hot flash just typing the word perimenopausal.
  6. Facebook or Twitter? — Facebook even if it’s not cool anymore. I have a twitter account but don’t really know what to do with it.  I also have Instagram and LinkedIn accounts and don’t really know what to do with them either.  And don’t even ask me why the heck I have a Pinterest account.
  7. Passions – Humor – I love a good sense of humor.  Beyond that, I’m still hunting for my passion.  Right now I’m testing out writing, yoga, meditation, bonsai, bird watching and not being judgmental.
  8. Prefer getting or giving presents? – I love giving presents but I’m just an awful shopper.  I’ve never enjoyed shopping, usually because shopping means looking for clothing.  And wardrobe shopping sucks when you are a size 16 and all that the Limited has is size 2.  Okay, so the Limited was “it” when I was in my formative shopping years.  Anyway, this year I started something new and tested it on my baby sister.  I found a hat company I thought she’d like, directed her to the website, asked her to pick out a cap, then I sent her the money for her to order it.  It was so fun when she texted me a picture of herself in her new bonnet.
  9. Favorite city – This is really difficult because I love so many cities for very different reasons.  I love the small town feel of my current hometown, Decatur, GA.  Even though it’s basically Atlanta (we are one block from the city line), it doesn’t feel like a big town.  I love Ann Arbor, Michigan and a bunch of other college towns for the same reason – they’re big but they feel quaint and small.
  10. Favorite TV shows – Seems like all my favorites go off the air – like Six Feet Under, Will and Grace, and House.  But I do enjoy Modern Family, Arrested Development, Anthony Bourdain shows and pretty much anything on HGTV.

And my nominees, who just happen to be missing Y chromosomes, are as follows:

Stephanie is one of my yoga teachers so I’m not biased or anything but her musings are full of everything from sunshine to angst and always right from the heart.

Anniken is a former base jumper, mom and fellow yogini – oh, and as of today, I am one of her 666 followers so one of you simply must go get her off that number 🙂

Karyssa is a fellow Atlantan who is doing the weight loss thing while offering fun tips on food, fashion and fun!

Megan certainly doesn’t need me promoting her blog and has won a ton of awards (probably this one), but her blog about living with OCD is so interesting, truthful and heartbreaking all at once.  This nomination is so you’ll go take a look at her site if you haven’t already.

And last but not least, Sally who writes about yoga, body image and mindful living (among other things).  I check in on her blog regularly to read some powerful stuff. 

Have a great weekend everyone!


9 thoughts on “Rays of Sunshine

  1. I figured you were way over the army green , on me at least! It’s almost like black, it goes with most everything. Xxoo

  2. Thank you for the rays of sunshine and the nomination:-) You made my day:-) I will get on the case in a weeks time, am without good internet access this week:-) Keep up the good work:-) Namaste:-)

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