Our Father, Who Art in Michigan – That’s Almost Like Heaven, Right?

Click this link to see what nonsense I had to say back in 2006… Dad’s Day Blue Mailbox Post

Uncle Al and me at the Fruit Farm

Uncle Al and me at the Fruit Farm

I'm ready to take a dip - at the farm, under the willow.

I’m ready to take a dip – at the farm, under the willow.

Its special times like father’s day when I miss living in Michigan – It would be nice to see my dad more often.

Truth or dare?  Let’s start with truth.  And the truth is, contrary to all those Detroit haters, Michigan ain’t so bad.  In fact one of my three siblings even decided to live there as an adult.  It’s where my parents met and it’s where, since 1863, five generations of my family have farmed the Lake Michigan coastal soil.  And there are five of the 13 members of us sixth generationers living on the farm now – going to high school. 

Let’s switch from truth to dare.  I dare any of the five to keep it going.  Some days I wish I could help them do it.  Other days I remember how tired I was after just two hours of cherry picking with that bucket harness hanging around my neck (I hope they make them more ergonomically correct than they did in the 1970’s).  Then there’s the fact that I know nothing about farming and imagine it’s a gazillion times harder than my life of Ashtanga Yoga, meditation, a good government job, city smog and whatever hobby I’m into on any given day.  And when you farm your own land, I don’t think you can call in sick, can you?

Back to truth.  It’s usually easier to join in on the complaints about the mitten state rather than try to explain to non-Michiganders why the land of the Great Lakes is so appealing.  But today I’m peddling just one of the many fruits of the lower peninsula – my dad.

Happy father’s day dad, papa, pops, Marty, and Albert and June’s oldest – I miss you – see you soon!


Did you know that 4 of the 5 great lakes border Michigan?  Do you know there’s an easy way to remember the 5 great lakes? The acronym HOMES (Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie and Superior).  Did you know that when in Michigan you are never more than 6 miles from a natural water source and always within 85 miles of a Great Lake shore? 

Perhaps it’s time to put Michigan on your (cherry) bucket list.



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