Cherokee Road Trippin – Not for Gamblin’ But For Fishin’

RaceTrac Women's Restroom

RaceTrac Women’s Restroom

We recently ventured out on a road trip to Cherokee, NC to enjoy the five F’s: friends, fly fishing and fried food.  We packed the stereotypical Subaru with all of Doc B’s trout hunting gear and our meditation cushions, and left the cats with a pet sitter for the first time in the ten months since we got them.

No road trip is complete without some pre-packaged gas station munchies or a fast food drive thru, so we stopped at a RaceTrac in north Georgia.  I needed to make use of their restroom and then wanted to replace those lost fluids with some “I just finished a 12-hour day of yoga and work and am now driving for three hours” caffeinated diet coke over crushed ice.  I love crushed ice.  Sometimes I make Doc B stop at the Sonic on the way to her parent’s house, just so I can get a drink over crushed ice, well, and some of their tater tots.  Its okay, it takes us almost an hour to get out to her parent’s so it counts as a road trip. 

Back at the RaceTrac the above sign was on the ladies room door.  I wish I’d looked at what the men’s room sign said (the seat will always be up?) but I was too overwhelmed by the amusing sign, the eat off the floor cleanliness of the restrooms, the brightness of the entire store and the overall colorful paint palate.

I got my fountain drink and some kind of crap wrap.  Doc B got a coffee and a cookie.  The bouncy young cashier greeted us with a Juicy Couture hoop earring to hoop earring smile and told us she’d never tried the wrap I selected so to be sure to come back and tell her if it was good.  I assured her that I would since this was now my favorite gas station ever even though we didn’t even buy any gas.  She rung up our items and when the total popped up on the register her eyes popped too – they got really big.  Not in that “you’ve won the lotto” kind of big, but in that “I just saw Satan” kind of big.  The total was $6.66.

Cashier:  “oh, no! We can’t have that be your total!”

Us: “it’s okay, it’s no big deal, it’s funny, but it’s no big deal”

Cashier: “are you sure you don’t need anything else, a pack of gum or something?”

Us: “no, it’s really okay”. 

She just wouldn’t take no for an answer and finally decided the best way to handle it was with a penny discount.  She rung up a coupon for $0.01 so that our total was now $6.65.  We chuckled as we ate our junk food in the car and finished the trip to Cherokee.

Our friends, also PhD’s like Doc B, brought their 5 (and a half) year old daughter.  Thank God for the latter so that I had someone to talk to and hang out with.  She and I chatted about our BFFs as we dangled our feet in the hotel pool and later did each other’s hair.  This trip was definitely a keeper, unlike all the fish Doc B and Doc R caught.

Devil's Dinner

Devil’s Dinner

Trout hunting gear - cat not included this trip

Trout hunting gear – cat not included this trip


4 thoughts on “Cherokee Road Trippin – Not for Gamblin’ But For Fishin’

  1. Handsome son Ron was born on 6-6-66 …. suppose I could have held him off until 6-7-66 but that would have meant several more hours of labor and who would want that. Besides, at the time, I probably had no clue what the date was. xoxoxo Mom

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