Guru Purnima or, A Day Off in the Life of an Ashtangi

Two years ago I wrote this blog in honor of Guru Purnima (click the link to learn what the heck that is).

If I repost something I’ve written, it’s because of one or more of the following (legitimate?) reasons:

  1. I thought it was so good, you needed to read it again,
  2. I have so many millions of new readers that I thought they should also be forced to read my old babblings,
  3. I’m lazy (usually the number one reason), or
  4. I’ll be 49 soon and with senility setting in I can’t remember what I’ve shared and what I haven’t.

But for this particular re-blog, it’s because of two additional reasons:

  1. I’ve added some amazing teachers to my life over the past two years, and
  2. I met the parents of one of my teachers.

For the former, you know who you are (including my bonsai teacher brothers from another mother).  I’ll be writing about you soon if I haven’t already.  And for the latter – how fun!  When you already think your teacher is awesome cool and then you get to meet the people who raised that teacher, it’s an all-out honor.

To all of my Gurus out there, thanks for helping me along my ever-changing path.  My full moon day off from yoga is dedicated to you.  You all make the moon shine by reflecting the light of the sun – oh, so that’s how you make moonshine?


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