Floundering in Furlough

7th grade loc,k found durnig furlough!

7th grade lock found during furlough!

 I never thought it would come to this whole furlough filth.  And since Tipsy Yogi doesn’t like to get all political up in her little old blog (yet.  Someday she’ll have the guts, and talking about herself in the third person always helps), she won’t make any snide remarks about why we’re here in this hand basket.  Does that count as snide?

Many of you have inquired as to how I’ve been faring the furlough.  Here’s the furlough flow starting with my daily yoga practice followed by the fatiguing facts of the furlough effects.

Yoga day one: Teacher Todd says “Carrie, you forgot Garbha Pindasana”.  And I was like “oh dang, I guess I was thinking about my furlough that starts today”.  Teacher Todd smiles and says “yeah, it’s like a snow day without the snow” and I say “yeah, and without the pay”.

Yoga day two: My iPhone was just about out of battery power so I plugged it into an outlet near the sign in sheet while I did yoga.  Teacher Todd grins and says “so, you’re having to borrow electricity already?”  I responded with “yes, and it’s a good think I’m already paid up in advance for this class!”

Yoga day three: I appeared at yoga almost an hour later than usual.  Teacher Todd and Teacher Stephanie discuss the fact that I’m easing into this furlough schedule a little too easily.  I just chuckle to myself as I roll out my yoga mat in one of the only spots left in the room. I then went home and scheduled a Dish TV service call, a Kenmore dryer service call and a boob service call (mammogram you silly – not what you were thinking).

Yoga day 4:  It’s a new moon day which means a break from yoga but also a break from all the damn house and yard work I’ve been doing after maxing it out at yoga each morning.  I closed out a relaxing day by hanging out with Kali – including redemption of a birthday coupon for a pedicure and a trip to Leon’s Full Furlough Service for an Olde-Furloughed-Fashioned, poured slowly over their perfectly square ice cubes and then poured more quickly into my mouth.   I also heard the news that it looks like we will be paid for all this furlough time off – What what??

So here’s how I spent some of the past week:

  • OMG! I clipped coupons!  I can’t remember the last time I clipped coupons – and who knew they even have coupons for liquour?
  • Wore the same yoga clothes every day…because I was home to do laundry every day.
  • Cleaned the litter box twice a day – it’s so clean you could eat out of it (well, if you were a dog who liked to do that sort of thing).
  • Organized the junk drawer (or as my siblings and I call it, “Lucy-ized” the junk drawer – in honor of our well-organized and well-put together mother). 

    clean junk drawer

    clean junk drawer

  • Was thrilled to find my 7th grade gym locker lock that had been missing in action.  I’ve known the combination since I was 12.  Mrs. Cope even etched my last name into it.
  • Rolled coins and took them to the Wells Fargo where they didn’t even ask me for my account number nor did they question the count. 

    Wells Fargough furlough coins

    Wells Fargough furlough coins

  • Played “Words with Furloughed Friends”.

    furlough friends 2

    Words with Furloughed Friends

  • Cooked and ate almost exclusively from the yard and the freezer.

    future furlough fried

    future furlough fried

  • Used bandanas and handkerchiefs instead of tissue – still used toilet paper – thankfully did not get that bad.

Now I just need to maintain this furlough fortitude and keep all of these things going even when, not if, I go back to work.  Hoping we say farewell to furlough fast.


2 thoughts on “Floundering in Furlough

  1. I guess you have to make the best of the situation since you can’t control it. I too am a government civilian but I still worked on IOU status while my coworkers were furloughed. I can definitely relate though. My coworkers get to join me tomorrow. I was getting lonely. Hopefully, we all get paid timely.

    • Glad to know you too are making the best of this too Kristen. I feel a bit guilty that there are those of you working on IOU status while I’m playing housewife at home. On the other hand, the house is cleaner than it has ever been 🙂 Cheers to us government gals!

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