Do Bears Pee in the Woods?

But I gotta go!

But I gotta go!

Do I think this political power plug pulling has been preposterous?  Are these knuckleheads becoming more of a joke as the days, and now weeks, pass?  Do bears pee in the woods? 

Apparently, during a government funding lapse, bears pee in the woods and people do do too.

Doc B. and I celebrated our anniversary over the Columbus Day weekend in Murphy, NC.  This was to be a long three-day weekend, not days 11, 12, 13 and 14 of a gub-ment shutdown.  Long before my furlough was a fact, we fought the fall leaf-seakers to find the perfect little gem of a cabin just a short drive across the Georgia border.  The interior was tastefully decorated with only one religiously bent wall hanging: “You never stand taller than when you’re on your knees”.  There were current magazines, comfy solid wood matching chairs, cozy warm blankets and a well-stocked kitchen.  Outside there were stacks of wood and kindling next to the fire pit, and a pristine trout stream just steps away from the porch’s rocking chairs.

While we mostly cooked, meditated and read, we did spend one day soaking up some idyllic autumn temperatures.  We first walked the beautifully done, three-mile long, Murphy River Walk that wound through town past the confluence point of the Hiwassee River and the Valley River and ended at a farmer’s market at the town’s depot.  Come to think of it, we might as well have been in Marshall, MI on a Saturday morning.

After grabbing lunch at a sports bar packed with rabid UGA fans, we moved on to the Hanging Dog Recreation Area, part of the Nantahala National Forest.  Diehard anglers were still skillfully backing their Bassmasters down the frightfully steep boat launch at the tip of Lake Hiwassee, but everything else was closed, including the restrooms.  It’s probably a good thing that we didn’t try to join in on the fishing.  I’ve been in such a foul funk about this furlough that I probably would have only attracted Sucker fish and Crappie.  Guess I better vote to raise my own personal debt upset ceiling.

Funding Lapse Information on the USDA Forest Service Website

Due to the lapse in agency funding, the sale of all types of permits (i.e., recreation, firewood, forest products, mineral materials for example) are suspended, reservations are suspended, and all federally owned recreation sites are closed. All offices are closed. These services will be available once funding is restored.

Law enforcement, fire suppression, and other essential services will continue without interruption.

This web site will remain available for public safety announcements and updates such as for wildfire, floods, and so forth. We will attempt to make timely updates about public health and safety on these web pages as appropriate.  We sincerely regret this inconvenience.


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