Top Ten Golden Globe Winner Predictions

Mark it on the calendar!

Mark it on the calendar!

I know it’s shallow, but I just love the awards show season, especially tonight’s booze-filled Golden Globes.  I marked today’s date on the calendar weeks ago and have reminded Doc B several times since then that we have a 7PM date in the love pit – the 12-year old sectional couch with petrified human and cat butt outlines facing the non-HD, non-LED, non-flat screen, non-plasma, non-3D, 20-year old television.

I don’t ask for much so I guess Doc B decided to muster up her non-violence practice and not fight it even if it means she’ll read the Satipatthana Suttas through the entire broadcast.  I told Doc B that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were being paid $4 million each to host the show and Doc B replied “Wow!  That’s great they’re getting all that to do what they love”.  I guess in my jealousy I hadn’t really considered the whole sympathetic joy aspect of it.  All that matters to me is that the DISH isn’t blocked by rain clouds and that the DVR works so that I can replay all of their witty one-liners.

This is what we usually buy - organic popcorn.  Really.

This is what we usually buy – organic popcorn. Really.

Perhaps you can share in Doc B’s sympathetic joy with this.  Imagine my delight when Doc B came home from the grocery store yesterday with some Orville Redenbacher’s just for the occasion (not the usual organic kind that leaves half the kernels unpopped and burnt up at the bottom of the pan).  I was so excited that I was certain Doc B had also splurged to fly my father, and his famous popcorn pan, in from Michigan to make the salty, crunchy treat just for me.  Well, guess I’ll be practicing non-attachment to this idea because I’m sure that ain’t happening.

popcorn pan

Dad’s popcorn pan

I haven’t even seen many of this year’s nominated movies and shows, but I don’t care.  It’s all about Tina and Amy, Sosie Bacon as Miss Golden Globe 2014, the red carpet, the clever acceptance speeches and the camera pans of drained champagne bottles at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.  No matter what happens, these are the winners in my book:

  1. Christian Bale for best comb over by an actor
  2. Barkhad Abdi for best line you can use on your boss by a supporting actor – “Look at me.  I am the captain now”
  3. Matthew McConaughey for the skinniest performance by an actor
  4. Jennifer Lawrence for best supporting actress in a motion picture – just because she’s in any old movie as a supporting actress
  5. Emma Thompson for best shade of lipstick by an actress in a Disney movie
  6. Susan Sarandon for best admission by an actress about being stoned while attending award shows
  7. Robin Roberts for least complicated coming out by a morning news anchor
  8. Mad Men for best unnominated show
  9. House of Cards for something, anything
  10. And a real prediction of a Bryan Cranston win for his portrayal of Breaking Bad’s Walter White.  I miss Walter and that show so much that I’m trying to convince Doc B that when we get married, we should change our last name to Heisenberg (or Hiserberg?).

In the meantime, I’m just wondering what Amy Adams will say to Meryl Streep in her acceptance speech.  And I’m also wondering why my spell check doesn’t recognize the word “Streep”.

To read more about my love affair with popcorn, click HERE


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Golden Globe Winner Predictions

  1. I wasn’t planning on eating the popcorn. It was to plant in the front yard experimental plot …. but on second thought, that might invite a Monsanto law suit.

  2. I’m watching the Golden Globe awards and am reminded of our fabulous time with you and Doc, B ion Cape Cod when we were staying at Matt Damon’s place. What a great memory!!! xoxoxo Mom

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