My Suet Cake Brings all the Birds to the Yard

(Jimi) Hendrix - we miss YOU

(Jimi) Hendrix – we miss YOU

Just about three weeks ago our kitty, Hendrix, couldn’t overcome the series of opportunistic infections caused by his feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).  After 6 months of pushing the furry little patient through the treatment wringer, I know he quickly found Prince’s afterworld – you know the one, a world of never ending happiness, where you can always see the sun, day or night?  Whatever afterlife Hendrix has found, I’m confident that he’s already attended his first Meetup for enlightened cats, along with Murphy, Maddie, Rumi, and all of the other felines that have passed through my life, and that they are discussing their liberation from my attachment to them.

During this same three week period, Atlanta’s crazy weather (I had nothing to do with it) sucked the life out of two juniper bonsai trees and another tree that I was hoping to turn into a bonsai – a mugo pine, or as I prefer to say out loud with a Latin Latino accent: “pinus mugo”.

soon to be buried bonsai

soon to be buried bonsai

With all of this death and sadness, it was a relief to have one of those Saturdays with no accomplishments expected. Our only plan was to celebrate the birth of Dr. R. while eating an early French food dinner (while speaking in Russian accents) including a John Cusack in Better off Dead menu of frawnch fries, frawnch dressing, frawnch bread, and to drink: Ta-da! Peru!

So Gheebean, the cat formerly known as Butterbean, and I spent the day yesterday on the back porch watching life.  (FYI: I decided on this name change during yoga on Friday when my teacher, Stephanie, told me that my Prasarita Padottanasana C was “like ghee”.  I have not yet discussed this with Doc. B but kitty is answering to it when I have treats in my hand).

To ensure that Gheebean and I weren’t only watching fly-bye’s of pollen spores and the Atlanta Police Department criminal tracking Helicopters, I first mounted (should I have chosen a different word?) the new bluebird house that I purchased from our friend KO (who also makes cool things like jewelry and clocks).  Then I cleaned the bird bath, topped off the water fountain as though it were a vodka tonic with lime, and refilled the bird feeders.  Who needs Walter Reeves to tell you how to attract birds; my suet cake brings all the birds to the yard.  Oh come on, sing it with me, you know you want to.  And besides, Pharrell Williams would be happy. (Note to Mom: please don’t Google Kelis’ “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” co-written by Pharrell).

Chickadee claiming squatter's rights in the new blue bird flop house?

Chickadee claiming squatter’s rights in the new blue bird flop house?

Before I could get comfortably settled into the porch love seat and finish clipping my nails, Gheebean and I were swarmed by birds.  A towhee in the birdbath, red winged blackbirds on the feeder, a red headed woodpecker on the fence post, robins and cardinals on the Persimmon tree and a flock of cedar waxwings (no, not seagulls) in the water fountain.  Minutes later a chickadee kept checking out the bluebird house. Within the hour, at least one bluebird decided to put the semi-private quarters on its top three list for House Hunters (or should it be House Hunters International?).  It’s raining today so I can’t tell who, if anyone, prevailed in the battle for the bird bungalow.  But I guess its first come, first served since I’m not asking for a pet deposit or references.

Cedar Waxwing at the vodka tonic fountain of youth

Cedar Waxwing at the vodka tonic fountain of youth

By the way, if you clip your nails on the back porch and your neighbor, Wilson, is in her back yard to hear it, does it become like clipping your nails in your work cubicle?  Personal hygiene care at work drives my crazy – especially when it’s toenail clippings flying over the cube.  Seriously, I’ve witnessed this.

I suppose in the end, if you pay a friend to build it, they will come.  It may not be the guests you want but as Rumi said back in the 1200’s, “This being human is a guesthouse, every morning a new arrival…be grateful for whatever comes…” (after references to Prince, Saturday Night Live’s Mike Myers,  Better off Dead, Pharrell and Kelis, I needed to heavy it up a bit).

p.s. Happy Birthday HQ – better half (nah, it’s a toss-up) of KO!

Doc B. getting cat time - we all miss Hendrix

Doc B. getting cat time – we all miss Hendrix

Butterbean has to put up with me now on the porch love seat - I know he misses his brother from another mother...

Butterbean has to put up with me now on the porch love seat – I know he misses his brother from another mother…



9 thoughts on “My Suet Cake Brings all the Birds to the Yard

  1. I learned something about birds yesterday at Hosta College (which we’ve gone to for about 18 years now) I learned it in a very interesting class called Dragonflies and Damselflies. Can you guess what the 2 birds are that the female is more colorful than the male? xoxoxo Mom

    • Well, I think after 18 years it’s about time you graduated! I know that a kingfisher is one of the birds but unless you want me to cheat and google the answer, you are going to have to tell me 🙂 xxxooo back at you!

      • You are correct about the Belted Kingfisher. The second one is the Phalarope, a shorebird. We’ll have to look for them while on Hilton Head Is.! We also took a fascinating class on the Fibonacci Sequence. Bet Doc B knows all about that. Pretty soon, we’ll be ready to be on Jeopardy! xoxo

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