Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (or Two Degrees of Puss in Boots)

Puss in boots, not to be confused with Gheebean in flip flops

Puss in boots or, Gheebean in flip flops

Since I’m so into birds lately, such that the only 50th birthday gift I’ve asked for from Doc B is a pair of Audubon Society-approved binoculars, I had intentions of dedicating today’s “50 years ago this month” post to the March 1964 release of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie The Birds.  This thriller premiered at New York’s Museum of Modern Art and stared 33 year old Tipsy Hedren, I mean Tippi Hedren, as Melanie Daniels, who, for this role, won the golden globe for most promising newcomer, and whose daughter, Melanie Griffith (do you think Tippi named her after her breakout character?), is married to Antonio Banderas, who was the voice of Puss in Boots.

But then I realized that I was a year too early.  The Birds came out on March 28, 1963.  Bummer; but at least I now know that there are only two degrees of separation between Tippi Hedren and Puss in Boots.

Puss in bag

Puss in bag

Mom, I know you’re wondering what I’m talking about so check out this link to Kevin Bacon on CNN a couple of weeks ago.

Puss in box

Puss in box

In case you’re curious, Antonio Banderas has a Bacon number of 2 because he was in My Mom’s New Boyfriend with Meg Ryan who was in In The Cut with Kevin Bacon.  And, I never would have thought it, but Tippi Hedren has a Bacon number of 1 because in 2012, at age 82, she was in the movie Jayne Mansfield’s Car with Kevin.

Puss in bed

Puss in bed

I’m sure I have way more than six degrees of separation to most famous people unless you count the fact I am eligible to be a member of the Mayflower Society, or that President Calvin Coolidge is my great, great, great, great, great something, or that I spent the night in a Santa Fe New Mexico hotel room with Shawn Mullins and his dog or that I had dinner at Napi’s in Provincetown with Matt Damon’s mom, or that I ate dinner at a table next to Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid at the Chico Hot Springs Lodge in Montana and could barely enjoy my beef wellington on account of my sorry attempts at eavesdropping.

Puss n' Buddha

Puss n’ Buddha

So back to 50 years ago – March of 1964.  It was right about this time, at the end of my mom’s first trimester with me, that my parents were evicted from their trailer.  Well, okay – hold the tears and gasps.  They weren’t exactly evicted; I guess you could call it relocated.  It seems that no children were allowed in the trailer park, which is exactly what I might demand if I were a trailer park owner, so when the owner inquired about my mother’s weight gain…okay, I’m just kidding. I hear the story goes that when the owner found out that my mom was making her own maternity clothes, and wearing them over what used to be her 18 inch waist, he agreed to let my parents move to a manufactured home in a different trailer park that he owned.. and that allowed kids.  So here all this time, I thought I lived in a trailer when I was first born but really I just lived in a trailer park.  Oh, and according to this video, things are not going well at the Triangle Trailer Park these days.  Glad my parents had a better landlord 50 years ago.

mom made her own maternity clothes

mom made her own maternity clothes

So let’s close with a Tipsy Yogi favorite quote from Shrek 2 when a soldier was taking inventory of Puss in Boots’ belongings before throwing him in the slammer:

Soldier: one bottle of catnip!

Puss In Boots: It’s for my glaucoma.

mom pregnant with me, no wonder I love cats, they were sitting on me before I was born!

mom pregnant with me, no wonder I love cats, they were sitting on me before I was born!


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