Yoga Remix/Photo Mish Mash

Appalachian Dental

Appalachian Dental – somewhere between Baltimore and D.C. – during a road trip with my baby sis.

Would you go to the above dentist?  I’m not sure that this was the best choice of names.  Appalachian Dental?  Really?

Or how about this Doctor:

Dr. Costley - actually, I've heard he's great (but I didn't ask how much he charges)

Dr. Costley – actually, I’ve heard he’s great (but I didn’t ask how much he charges)


Okay, so that’s not really what this post is about….

This past Friday, I hit the snooze button three too many times.  The extra snoring was good but it meant that I got to yoga a half an hour later than I prefer.  My tardiness landed me behind a dallying MARTA bus and the two of us hit every red light between my house and the yoga studio.  Then when I arrived, there was only one other student in the room, one of the really advanced ones.  To top things off, another advanced student (who is also a yoga instructor) was filling in as the teacher.

You get the picture; my morning routine was all messed up and I was a little out of sorts before I even started my(sore) practice.

Despite the shaky start, I quickly felt like I was back on kilter (what is a kilter anyway?) when I realized I’d done all of the sun salutations without crashing to the ground in Chaturanga Dandasana before rolling my toes over into upward facing dog.  A proud accomplishment for this old girl.  I continued cruising along nicely through the standing sequence with some outstanding adjustments, and lots of attention (because there were only 2 of us, though the class did fill up nicely).  Then something fell apart when I got to the primary series.  At Janu Sirsasana C, I realized that I had forgotten Trianga Mukhaikapda Paschimottanasana.  So I went back to that and continued on with my practice.  When I finished Supta Kurmasana, with another impressive adjustment, the teacher whispered “did I miss your Marichyasanas?”

Doc B. in Marichyasana D

Doc B. in Marichyasana D

Damned if I didn’t forget all of them.  I said to the teacher: “you’d think I was trying to test the substitute teacher or something!” and she replied, “no, you’re just doing the Ashtanga re-mix today”.  I went back and did the Marichyasanas and finished the practice with a smile on my face.

On the way home from yoga, I stopped for gas and saw this sign:

Who really needs this much caffeine?

Who really needs this much caffeine?

I almost went for the caffeine boost but it seemed a little excessive.  I was tempted to go in and ask the clerk just how many people actually take advantage of this offer.

Once home, I made breakfast and mixed up some homemade ginger kombucha.  I often store the drinks in mason jars but today I accidentally grabbed an old applesauce jar with my Grandfather’s picture on it.  If he were alive today, I wonder what he would say about ombucha?  Or a better question, I wonder what he would say about how much we spent on that Vita Mix blender.

Ginger Kombucha

Ginger kombucha storage in empty Grandpa Albert’s applesauce jar

p.s. mom and dad, let’s go to this bar the next time you’re in town – help me remember!

The Albert - an Atlanta bar

The Albert – an Atlanta bar

Later in the day I ran some errands and parked next to the below car.  I can’t believe this person left a wad of twenties in the center console along with that expensive Starbucks mug.  I thought about leaving a note that said something like “borrowed a twenty to buy a cup of coffee” but decided against it and went on my way.

cash cab?  No cash console

cash cab? No, cash console

As I prepared dinner, I was glad to see that the quinoa packaging was finally fixed:

Quinoa typo

Quinoa typo- can you find it?


quinoa - typo corrected

quinoa – typo corrected

So let’s just consider this post an accounting of a yoga remix combined with a photo mish mash and call it a wrap.


2 thoughts on “Yoga Remix/Photo Mish Mash

  1. How does Katrina get into that Yoga pose and who comes to untangle her? Very impressive to say the least!!! xoxoxo

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