The July Edition of “50 Years Ago” – Don’t Worry, Only Two More Months To Go

“On the plane” was Doc B’s text to me last night. I replied with: “on the couch”.

Yes, Doc B is on another excursion. Not a silent meditation retreat this time but a Secret Patent Agent continuing education thingy. I guess if Doc B is off on this kind of self-improvement trip, the least I can do is get my butt off the sofa, clear away the mac and cheese boxes and empty beer cans, and get on my Vic Tanny home gym (first introduced in July, 1964). Oh, and then get on the lap top, that was not yet invented in 1964, so that I can write this month’s edition of who cares what was going on 50 years ago. Don’t worry, after this July post, there’s only August and September left to endure.

Orange is the New Black Season 2

Orange is the New Black Season 2 final episode

In July of 1964, Pay TV began in Los Angeles. STV (subscription television) allowed subscribers to pick from a whopping 3 channels so that they could watch movies, sports, children’s programs and theatre performances. Great concept, but it only lasted through November of that same year. At least it gave way to the TV options of today because that last scene of season two Orange is the New Black had our cat wondering why I was doing so much fist pumping. And just like people get all upset with the cable companies, people were really upset with STV. Credit to “Jeffs4653” for this proposition 15 campaign ad.

Orange is the New Black Season 2 final episode

Orange is the New Black Season 2 final episode

President Johnson signed the Medicare Bill in July 1964. So I guess it’s thanks to him that I have such an awesome co-worker – “Mabel” – who was hired into our office because of Medicare. Mabel is not even 40 yet, so she’s too young to remember this old beer jingle where men are whistling for Mabel to bring them another Black Label (courtesy of

In my soon-to-be birth state of Michigan, at Tiger Stadium, Captain Eddie Knipschield plunged to his death while performing a pole act without a net. 22,000 people witnessed this awful tragedy. And what’s worse, just two years earlier, at the Detroit Fairgrounds, two “Flying Wallendas” died when their high wire human pyramid collapsed. Remind me never to go to an aerialist show in Detroit.

And finally, it was announced that in August 1964 there would be a “Lucy Day” at the World’s Fair. I’m sure Lucille Ball had a ball. Ay my own Lucy, my mom, would be having her own (butter)ball in just a few short weeks – when she would give birth to little old me.


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