How to Spend Your Moon Day


Doc B - Warrior to the Moon

Doc B – Warrior to the Moon

Sundays are my favorite day at Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta. Class is from 10:45am – 12:45pm instead of the normal weekday routine of 6:00am – 8:30am. The Sunday schedule allows me to hop up on some caffeine and maybe even sneak in a small bite to eat (so that I can then swallow down a half a bottle of Motrin, with a homemade ginger kombucha chaser, in preparation for the after effects of the practice).

And on Sundays I have nowhere to be after class, like that damn weekday work thing, so I tend to take my time and be more conscientious in the postures (as in less cheating). And there’s also plenty of time to do an after class soak in Epsom salts – bathing in it until my skin is so wrinkly that I don’t have to imagine my future self.

Great Grandma Edna

Signs so far show that I will take after Great Grandma Edna

Having had a really good Saturday night’s sleep, with usually 9 hours of solid drooling and snoring, also makes me feel like I have more energy to apply. And I feel much more flexible – in fact it’s Sundays when my teacher can often help me grasp my hands in supta kurmasana – never mind that sometimes it takes both teachers to make it happen. Okay, so that only happened once but it was definitely stretched and pulled into my memory – at least for the remaining years of my pre-senility life.

In Ashtanga yoga, we don’t practice on the new moon or the full moon. It’s a bit Farmers’ Almanac-ish, as in following the moon cycles for the best days to do (or not do) anything from potty training to digging post holes. But that’s okay; it resonates with this paternal granddaughter of a fruit farmer and maternal granddaughter of the once Assistant Director, Division of Milk Control, State of New York Department of Agriculture and Markets. Rest in peace – I miss them and my grandmothers too.

Mom's mom and dad

Mom’s mom and dad

Dad's mom and dad

Dad’s mom and dad

If one of the yoga moon days falls on a weekday, it usually passes by pretty much unnoticed unless you count the extra two hours of sleep I tend to get or the grumpiness my spouse and co-workers have to endure.

But a Sunday moon day, such as today’s Sturgeon full moon, opens up the whole day. As much as I’ll miss the practice, we have options. We could get up early and go for a drive and a hike.

Doc B. contemplating her next step

Doc B. contemplating her next step

We could sleep in, cook a big breakfast and sit out on the upper deck reading all day.

the upper deck

the upper deck

We could catch the church bus that stops in front of our house.

bus to God

bus to God

Or we could go for an excellent Saturday night dinner at my new sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s house, get home late, sleep in, and then go for Chinese Sunday brunch.  Yep, that last one is the plan. We are soon on our way to Buford Highway’s Dim Sum Row to dine with these two cuties – the older of whom goes off to college this week.

J and M in their younger days

J and M in their younger days

By the way, which came first, Cantonese dim sum or Spanish tapas? Aren’t they pretty much the same? A bunch of small plates that you pay a lot for because you don’t realize how many times you said: “sure, I’ll take one of those, and one of those, and one of those.” That’s okay, I’ve been saving up calories and cash all week.  Happy Sturgeon Moon Day!


Dim Sum, rhymes with yum!



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