Fifty Years Ago (and “The Dinah”)

she's got to be close to giving birth

Mom’s got to be close to giving birth

50 years ago, my mom had been pregnant with me for 8 months and I’m sure she was ready to get that over with. Similarly, Dinah Shore had been married to former tennis player, Maurice Smith, for about 8 months. She too was ready to get that over with; they divorced after barely a year.  At least it gave Dinah the opportunity to become a 1970’s cougar – dating Burt Reynolds who was 19 years younger. Oh, and it also gave her (Dinah, not my mom) the opportunity to have famous mid-century modern architect Donald Wexler design and build a house, just for her. It must have been quite a place since Leonardo DiCaprio is currently living there.

Also happening 50 years ago: the Animals released their big single House of the Rising Sun (the Shawn Mullins version is the BEST!), Haley Mills signed on to star in That Darn Cat, Mary Poppins had it’s world premiere and Discotheques came to America (with dances like the Hully Gully, the Frug and the Swim).

But, back to Dinah Shore. You might be surprised to know that she’s been on my bucket list for years. Well, it’s not exactly that SHE has been on my list, but rather attending her golf tournament has been (the former Colgate Dinah Shore, now known as the Kraft Nabisco Championship). Well, okay, actually, it’s not really about going to her golf tournament, but it’s more about attending The Dinah.

What? You’ve never heard of The Dinah? It’s THE spring break for women, held in Palm Springs at the beginning of April every year, and it coincides with the golf tournament. 2015 will be the 25th anniversary of this drunken long weekend that includes music, pool parties, comedy and the celebration of life, liberty and the pursuit of a good tan. If you Google The Dinah, it’s not uncommon for the word “debauchery” to show up repeatedly.

As an introvert that hates crowds even more than public speaking, I really just want to attend as a fly on the wall. Perhaps a poolside room with a balcony and a pair of binoculars would suffice? Or maybe I should just save all of my energy for the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival – I’ve never been there either.

Sink bath - getting ready for the  Dinah early

Sink bath – getting ready for the Dinah early

Back to my mother and her pregnancy – just one month to go Mom and you’ll greet your firstborn! And the WordPress world won’t have to put up with these posts anymore!

And rest in peace Dinah – February 1916 – February 1994 (ovarian cancer took her life)


2 thoughts on “Fifty Years Ago (and “The Dinah”)

  1. The containers behind you are called canisters, usually labeled tea, coffee, sugar, and flour. For years they occupied the kitchen counter of the various homes in which we resided. Then it occurred to me that I rarely used them so why should they take up counter space and collect dust etc. Now they reside in a cupboard and don’t take up precious counter space.

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